Striving Games

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Genre: Gestion/Tower Defense
Game Designer / Team Leader / Marketing
Assisting the Sound Designer.

Be the animator of an obstacle course TV SHOW, and raise your TV program to the summit!

To reach te stars, you have to manage a TV Studio with traps for the competitors, to raise your popularity and beat all the audience records.

Design and edit your parcours, place traps at the good spots and make sure no challenger reach the final flag.

Progress through islands to organise different programs to be notorious.

Striving Game is a prototype developed for Gameloft in a One-Week Student Jam.

The goal of the exercice was to use the Free-to-play mechanics in a Theme-fixed Game


Gaetan Cloaec (Game Designer)
Leonard Lemaitre (3D Artist, FX Artist)
Arthur Bonhomme (2D Artist, Animator)
Aurelien Forge (Game Designer)
Eric Leduc (Programmer)
Nabil Khaldi (Producer)