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Genre: Action/Aventure (Zelda Like)
Game Designer / Narrative Designer
Assisting Level Design and Sound Design


Ostora is an Action/Adventure game playable on PC.
The player is a human captive of a robotic body
Wandering in a futuristic oriental-inspired world
Using a mystic energy, He’ll discover what happened to him and the issues that drove the civilisation surrunding him, to fight the power in place

Copie de DESSARTS_Manuela_Diagonale silencieuse

Our main intention in Ostora is to develop a rich and original universe through the narration and the gameplay.

So we decided to create an adventure based on the character and his interactions with the world. Contrasting with the hero facing evil power To save humanity.

Arsès,  the protagonist has personal motivations that evoluate with the scenario.


About the gameplay, we wanted to bring To the player polyvalent objects tightly linked trucwith the particularities of the world of Ostora 

The two main thematics of Ostora are Transhumanism and Religion.

In fact, the society we describe elevates augmented bodies with technology as a religious sacrifice.

Ostora is about a population losing it humanity in the name of their gods.


Matthias Johan (Producer)
Noémie Meguerditchian (Pixel Artist, Animator)
Charlotte Auger (Game Designer, Programmer)
Clément Méreau (Game Designer, Level Designer)
Tristan Ledieu (Game Designer, Sound Designer)
Simon Buty (Pixel Artist, Environment Artist)
Manuela Dessarts (Pixel Artist, Animator)
Nabil Khaldi (Game Designer, Narrative Designer)