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Genre: City Builder
Game Designer/ System Designer
QA Test/ Level Design/ Marketing

The star of a solar system fainted, forcing 5 populations to leave their native planets.

From a spacepole, these space refugees put colonies in inhabited planets one after another.

You’re the ambassador of a new colony.

You have the responsability of your citizens and the expension of the city

Stackolony is a city builder in which the player stack the buildings to make towers, connecting the towers with bridges to transmit ressources


Stackolony is a project made by 6 students, It’s still in development and will be available on steam soon

The main intention was to use the third axis in the gameplay

Aurelien Miniau (Technical Game Designer)
Jules Duvette (Main Programmer)
Louis Perdu (Programmer)
Inès Chouqi (Producer, Game Artist)
Loan Prevond (Game Designer, Sound Designer)
Nabil Khaldi (Game Designer, Level Designer)


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