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Genre: Platformer / Contemplative
Game Designer / Sound Designer

A traveler wakes up in the middle of the desert

He explores it to understand his place in a world in ruins that seems to die


A titan walking away is his only guide


Through his Journey

He learns more about his environment

but also about himself.


With an intuitive Gameplay, Titan is a poetic game that guide the player in a melancholic adventure. the goal is to get closer to a far huge creature.


Titan is a Student Game made in 8 months to make the player understand he’s controlling the soul of a titan trying to accept his own death


Dorian Beaugendre (Shader Artist, Programmer)
Inès Chouqi (Producer, Game Designer)
Florian Eschalier (3D Artist)
Jim Cador (Writer)
Dylan Durupt (Concept Artist, Animator)
Valentin Lamerand (Environment Artist)
Nabil Khaldi (Game Designer, Sound Designer)